FOIA Request Form

A FOIA Request Form may also be picked up at the Administrators Office in City Hall located at 119 S. Adams St.

FOIA Officers
For questions or concerns please contact our Administrators Office at (309)547-4300.

FOIA requests may be obtained directly from our Administrators Office. You may also write a letter to the City of Lewistown requesting information. FOIA Requests may also be made by filling out our FOIA Request Form. Requests for information should be directed to one of our FOIA Officers.

Each department has the right to deny information, although that department must give the reason for denial and it must be for just cause. If the request is denied and you feel you should be allowed the information, you may file a request with the Illinois Attorney General. For information regarding How to File a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General please click here.