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Fulton County ESDA:
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Fulton County ETSB:
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Nixle Emergency Alert Information

What is Nixle?

Nixle is an emergency alert system that will allow the Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept, Canton Police Department and the Fulton County Emergency Operations Center to push “emergency alerts” to mobile phones and email addresses. In order to receive the alerts users must “opt in” to the system. The system in its current configuration cannot reach landlines. The system is a joint effort between the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Canton Police Department, Fulton County ETSB and Fulton County ESDA.

What types of messages will be sent thru Nixle?

The system will be utilized to send life threatening or critical impact messages to area residents who have signed up for the system. Types of messages that will be sent out:
– Missing Persons
– Weather Watches and Warning Automatically
– Shelter Information After A Disaster
– Hazmat Spills
– Other Life Threatening Information
The system –WILL NOT—send out commercial messages, meeting announcements or other non-emergency information.

Is there a cost for Nixle?

The Nixle Platform does not charge a signup fee or monthly fee to users that opt in. There is no charge from the County or City Of Canton. Users who opt to receive text messages should check with their cellular phone providers about any fees their cellphone providers may charge for incoming text messages. There is no charge from Nixle for the services rendered.

How do I sign up?

SIMPLE! There’s two methods:
1. Sign up online: www.nixle.com and register that way. This will allow the system to push email and text messages.
2. Text “FCEOC” to 888777. The system will automatically enroll your cellphone in the platform. You will receive a confirmation text from the system.